Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Freebie #2

Hello again Café Friends!
Thanks for stopping by for this week's Christmas Freebie!
This freebie is all about Reindeer and can be adapted across grade levels.
The idea is to get kids into conducting research about this interesting creature. This can be done several ways depending on the age of your students:
1.) Provide several copies of books, magazine articles, close read passages, etc. for students to read and find answers. If your students aren't independent readers yet, you can read facts aloud to them, noting some facts on a class anchor chart for them to use.
2.) Show informational websites, such as Wikipedia, National Geographic kids, etc. and discuss the information as a class. Students can record their information on the planning sheet. (or this can be done as a class)
3.) Allow this to be a project for home (or school). Students can use the research pages (they can use some or all pages) and include pictures to create a poster about their reindeer research.
4.) Choose a page (or 2) and display them with a reindeer craftivity for a festive bulletin board or hallway display. 


 Hope you enjoy using these to get your students interested in the research process!
Thanks for stopping by, and as always, feel free to share your ideas in the comments below. :-)

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