Monday, December 28, 2015

Freebie #5 - Winter Adding, Subtracting, Multiplication Game Board

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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!
This freebie will be useful in your math centers or cooperative groups. All you need is a set of dice.
Pairs of students will roll the dice and either: add, subtract or multiply the 2 numbers shown on the dice. {If using multiplication, students will probably advance quicker on the board, so they may want to keep a tally chart of how many times they reach the North Pole. The "winner" will be the one who reaches the North Pole 3 times, 5 times, etc..
To make this fun and exciting I like to use colored marshmallows as playing pieces- students will pick a color.
This a fun, time-filler that's educational and versatile.
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you've been able to use these Freebies with your students! I'd love to hear how you have used / plan to use these in your classroom! Please comment below.
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