Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Freebies!

Hello out there Cafe' friends!!
Anyone there?!?!
Oh. My. Goodness!
It's been SO long, I had to clean the cobwebs from my little blog! I sincerely apologize!
Starting a new grade this year has zapped every ounce of my time since the start of school. I moved to 3rd, but I'll continue to share ideas useful for my K-2 friends. :-)
Well, since it's almost CHRISTMAS, I need to make up for lost time------and fast! Whew!
So, I'm scheduling some FREEBIES for ya' throughout the month of December. Be sure to check back in at the Café over the next several Mondays to pick up some FREE resources:
Monday, December 7th
Monday, December 14th
Monday, December 21st
Monday, December 28th
We all know after Thanksgiving break the kids can start to get a *little* excited about the next vacation.
3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas to teach, assess, and maintain some kind of sanity can make for some long days. And let's just hope there's not another full moon on the calendar.
 I'm sharing Freebie #1 with ya' in hopes that it will be helpful for your students {and kids at home, for that matter--I'm thinking about using it with my own kids!} Click on the link below to pick up this Christmas freebie! It's sort of like bingo, and can be used different ways. The first page shares some ideas for using this to help encourage and reward positive behavior.


I hope you can find lots of fun ways to use this with your class {or kids at home}.
If you're interested in more positive behavior incentives for the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, check out my Santa's Little Bag of Tricks pack {Freebie #1-Run, Run, Reindeer, is from this pack.}

Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to hear how you plan to use Freebie #1 with your kids {home or school} :-) Please feel free to share in the comments below!

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