Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Class Dojo Reward Tubs

Happy Summer! Welcome back to the Crazy Critter Café!

So I've been thinking about how I'd like to use my Class Dojo reward system and here's the latest...Numbered Tubs to match the Class Dojo "point clubs". I used this idea toward the end of the school year and it seemed to work well.
Students gave input on what they'd like to have in the tubs (thus, the 2 levels of sweet treats!)

My goal was to have a daily Dojo time, but due to our hectic afternoon schedule, that couldn't always be done, so I'd find time during the week for our class Dojo time (or every 2 weeks if I felt more time was needed for students to reach certain Dojo Point Clubs).
I had a checklist and whenever we had Dojo time, I would write the point club for each student so I would know which reward tubs they've picked from during that particular Dojo time. At a designated date, all Class Dojo points would reset and students would start over.
I bought 2 plastic organizers to help keep the rewards separate. All I have to do when we have Dojo time is snap apart the 5-15 trays and pull out the 20-30 point drawers for easy distribution of rewards!
 I'm sure there are tons of ways to use Class Dojo in the classroom. I found that starting simple was more effective. I didn't get overwhelmed with keeping up with rewards and trying to grab my iPad to give Dojo points every second of the day. I used it mostly during transition, independent work, and center times.
Make it work for you and your class!
 I'll switch out rewards periodically so students don't get bored with these.
I'd love to hear how you use Class Dojo in your class. Please add a comment below! :-)
Thanks for stopping by the café!

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Sunshine and School Supplies said...

I love this idea! At my school kids are expected to earn 16 points a day, so my point clubs are very high but I love the idea of having a reward tied to the point club! I hadn't thought of that. This is something I'll definitely do next year!

Anonymous said...

We use class dojos. The dojos ARE the rewards. Caring for the environment and having a healthy eating ethos means we don't need cheap plastic toys and sugary sweets. A class target can lead the class to extra Golden time/ playtime...

Teaching Simply said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
We use class dojos. The dojos ARE the rewards. Caring for the environment and having a healthy eating ethos means we don't need cheap plastic toys and sugary sweets. A class target can lead the class to extra Golden time/ playtime...

May 26, 2016 at 5:11 PM"

I would just like to comment on this person's post by saying: Seriously?! First of all the program is called Class Dojo and students don't earn "dojos", they earn "dojo points". Second of all just because you implement the program differently, does not make it any better, just different. If you really are a teacher, which I hope you are not because this comment is negative and very badly worded, you should be ashamed of yourself for taking the time to say something that was not nice and was not at all helpful to anyone.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they have "perfect" kids at their school. Ones that aren't motivated by candy and toys. I have yet to meet a child like that though, lol. All the years I've used DOJO, I've ALWAYS used some type of reward. I plan on using other incentatives this year that don't require much money as I'm now a widow and living off only one income. But I loooovvveee Dojo and just can't imagine giving kids only the points and no actual reward. But hey, maybe Mr. or Ms./Mrs. Anonymous has a different breed of kids that are just super.

AngelaBarela5 said...

I like these ideas. I use class dojo for classroom management and to pick random groups for turn and talk or group work. I made scratch offs and the student with the highest amount of points gets one at the end of every day. If there is a tie, they have to pick a number. This depends on how many are tied. I have been resetting every week this year, but next year I might use a variation on your idea.

Shantriss Riggins-Gates said...

I'm student teaching ina kindergarten class this semester and my cooperating teacher uses Class Dojo. She gives out points (and takes them away) at the end of the day and it's usually 1-3 points. At the end of two weeks, the students with 20 or more points are invited to "Lunch Bunch". My CT orders food (Chick fil A, Chipotle, Pizza, etc.) for those students to eat in the classroom and they love every minute of it. After the Lunch Bunch the point reset. I like this idea, but I don't think I'll be able to afford lavish lunches twice a month! Lol!

Anonymous said...

We use Class Dojo and our Specials teachers (music, computers, P.E., etc) can give or take away points too. We have individual and classroom rewards. Our kids like to bank as many as possible and we are very generous with them as they are learning the Seven Habits and hallway procedures. Some of our rewards are sit in a comfy spot, remove shoes in classroom, homework pass, 10 minutes free educational computer time or be the teacher for a lesson. Some class rewards are popcorn party, extra recess, ice cream sandwiches/freezer pops, or a pizza party, etc. The classroom rewards must be shared equally with each student contributing an amount. Our biggest hit is "lunch with the teacher- LUNCH BUNCH" where the students get a cafeteria tray and they, along with 3 friends, share lunch with their teacher in the classroom. This day must be scheduled ahead of time. I also bring a loaf of bread and peanut butter and jelly and the kids can fix themselves a sandwich if the cafeteria lunch wasn't filling. I also bring a dessert that I bake at home or Oreos. I decorate the table fancy, bring cloth napkins, and something special to share about my family. It is an informal time. I have brought pics of myself as a girl their age, childhood toys, wedding photos and pics of my grandchildren. My class LOVES it and it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg giving them toys they trash a few weeks later. They love to talk and feel they are being heard! That's a win-win!

Ashlove DP Egoh said...