Saturday, February 7, 2015

FREEBIE~14 Color Your Own Valentine's Day Cards

Hello Café Friends! It's finally Friday!!
I've been fighting sinus/allergies all week long, so I was SO glad for today to get here.
I was looking at my calendar today and realized that Valentine's Day is next week! That means we need to get busy creating our Valentine's bags! The past few years I've used brown or white paper lunch bags and had various cut-outs of hearts and stickers for students to decorate their bags.
Let's face it, about 2 hours after the party and Valentine exchange, we know the fate of those cute little Valentine bags. So....that's why I like to keep it simple and fun. The bags work so well because I can fold and staple the top before the kids go home and no candy gets dumped on the floor. :-)
Another thought that crossed my mind was Valentine cards. Do I buy 'em or make 'em?
I decided I'd make some cards for my students to use as part of a writing activity.
Students can choose their card(s) and color their own using markers, colored pencils, or crayons. During the writing activity, they'll write a message to their "Valentine". 
{3 of the 14 cards are shown in the pic below:}
I plan to use these cards to give as rewards to students "caught being good".
I have Valentine's pencils or little treats I can tape on the inside. I'll also write a positive message about their behavior. :-)
Students always love coloring in my class, so I thought these cards would be perfect to incorporate with a Valentine's writing activity. Once they make a card for their valentine, they'll write about WHY they chose to send a card to that person.
What ways would you use these cards with your students? Please feel free to comment below.
Have a great weekend everybody!

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