Monday, February 2, 2015

FREEBIE~ 100th Day of School Booklet for Stickers, Stamps or Fingerprints

Happy Monday! Welcome back to the Crazy Critter Café! Let me just tell ya'--today was a CrAzY day.
You can't convince me that kids don't act differently when there's a FULL moon ~ my own boys included. :-) Whew! And it's only Monday....
Well, to get things looking up, our 100th day of school will be this week. Already 100 days!!!
I like to do table rotations as part of my activities that day. It's a good way to stuff a lot of fun activities into one short day. (We always carry over to 101 days anyway.)
As one of my centers this year I created a 100 sticker book that could also be used for 100 stamps or 100 fingerprints. I found packs of 350 stickers at our local Dollar Tree, so I'll put several sheets in a table basket for the kids to use while creating their 100th day sticker booklets.
They can use colored pencils, crayons or markers to customize and decorate their covers.
Please feel free to share how you do rotations on the 100th day of school. What activities are your favorite? Which are easy for kids to work on independently?
Thanks for stopping by the café! Hopefully the full moon will be over tomorrow and things will settle back down a little. :-)

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