Thursday, July 3, 2014

Phonics-Based Sentence Building

Hello July! Already?! I was sure I'd have tons of time this summer to catch up on blogging and share lots of the fun ideas I've been writing in my little notebook. Time is FLYING by!!
We just finished All-Stars ball this past weekend and, well, I guess my mind has been in beach mode this past week. Came home today to escape Hurricane Arthur. Friends on the east coast, stay safe!

I did finish my Sentence Solvers Short Vowel sentence-building pack on TPT. I'm so excited to start using these this year as I teach and review short vowels with the CVC pattern. My goal is to use these in the Word Work center after I introduce the format as a whole group. There are 3 pages for each skill, so I can introduce one whole group, use one in the small group setting, and have the other to use in a center.

These printable sheets are great for reinforcing short vowel skills {CVC} and sentence structure. Students can self-assess their work in capitalization, punctuation, spacing, handwriting, and reading fluency, to become "Super Sentence Solvers". 2 variations are included for differentiation. If you decide to use these in your class I'd love to hear how it's going!

Have a great summer!

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