Thursday, July 10, 2014

Box Tops for Education DIY Collection Containers

Looking for your next DIY summer project? Want to help your school in a rewarding fundraiser project? Make Box Top collection containers! Save and wash any container: Pringles, tennis balls, Nestle Quick, Crystal Light, etc. ~~ anything you can cover with duct tape {Duck brand tape has a lot of colorful patterns}.
Cover your container with duct tape and add some Box Top clip art {found online}.*Adults/teachers  will use a sharp knife to cut an opening in the top of the lid.
Scroll down to check out some of our collection containers from this year. I decided to do this at the end of the year - during the last week of school as a fun time-filler. Students created their own design and were encouraged to bring their containers back next near full of Box Tops to receive a small treat.
Ultimately, my goal would be to do these at the beginning of school and get the kids motivated to collect Box Tops. But, as I thought about the craziness of getting the school year started, I went ahead and let them have this as their "summer project" {to collect as many Box Tops as possible}.

Thanks for stopping by the Crazy Critter Café! I'd love to hear how your class or school uses Box Tops as a fundraiser! What goal is your class/school working for? Feel free to comment!
Happy container-making! 

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