Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Monday friends!
I'm sure we're all getting our minds in back-to-SCHOOL mode. (I know, shouldn't have said the "s" word when it's still summer vacation!)
For this upcoming year I want to get kids even more excited about using technology in the classroom for both educational and "fun" things. I thought a great idea would be to incorporate the use of technology with positive behavior rewards. Students scan QR codes and earn their reward. Simple & fun! Kids love scanning QR codes! {It must be the anticipation of what the QR code will reveal.}
Whether you have one iPad, iPhone, etc. or if your whole class has them, you can still use this idea to promote positive behavior. I currently only have one iPad, but hopefully each child will be getting them this year in our district. That will be so exciting!!
There are 69 rewards included in this pack, so I can pick and choose which rewards I want to use. My class this year might not be so excited to get the "broom master" {sweep the floor}, but last year they were using my hot pink broom and dust pan to sweep every afternoon!
 At the beginning of the year I will introduce the rewards, scan some QR codes like a magic show and get students pumped up about what they can earn. I use the clip chart and Class Dojo app as a part of my classroom management plan, so this will be a perfect time to introduce some Scan & Earn reward coupons. {This can also be used without incorporating technology if you choose.}
I'll start simple with just a handful of cards--some for individual rewards and some for whole class rewards. I'll use individual rewards with Class Dojo and my clip chart. When students earn a certain number of points in Class Dojo they can choose a Scan & Earn reward and get a coupon to redeem that reward. For my clip chart, when students get to the top {outstanding} they'll get a chance to scan and earn an individual reward. View the complete list of rewards here.
Whole class rewards {such as "Butter me up!" popcorn party, "Let your light shine"-turn off the lights and wear glow bracelets during work time, "Dance Party! - 10 minutes of Just Dance or Kidz Bop music, etc....} will be used when students meet goals as a class. If you use Accelerated Reader, the whole class (and individual) rewards can be given when all students take a certain number of AR tests per week. Keep a simple class chart to display when students take AR tests {I count 80's and 100's --60's if a student has modifications}. Students want checks on their chart and this helps motivate them to read. Also, we set goals each nine weeks for students passing a certain number of AR tests that nine weeks and maintaining an overall average of 80% or higher. Students meeting their 9 weeks goal will pick from the rewards.
Class Dojo whole group rewards can be given when the whole class maintains a certain % of positive behavior for the month. Our goal was 85% positive. The app shows you the % of positive behavior points your class has earned. At the end of each week I record the % of positive points we've earned. {I reset my points each week.}
There are tons of ways to incorporate these coupons into existing classroom management plans.
Here's how to use QR code Scan & Earn Sweet Rewards:

You can also use these positive behavior incentive cards/coupons without technology:
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Thanks for stopping by the cafĂ© today! If you've used QR codes in your classroom I'd love to hear how you've used them! 

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