Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Day fun ~ Lester the Leprechaun writing & Shamrock Sums math

Welcome back to the CrAzY Critter Café! I think I'm finally getting over the time change - lovin' these longer days!

This past week we got a head start on some St. Patrick's Day activities. The kids had a BLAST drawing their own leprechauns. {This cute drawing idea is from First Grade, Blue Skies HERE.} Their drawings were of "Lester the Leprechaun". We used Lester to begin a creative, narrative-style writing.

Kids used the Story Starter cards from my St. Patrick's Day Pot O' Gold pack to choose a setting card {Where?} and one or two action cards {What?}. They recorded this on their Lester Leprechaun Story Planning page{also included in the pack}. They then created their "Sloppy Copy". Once I conferenced with each student, they wrote their "Neat Sheet", final draft. These were some really cute stories! I was so proud of my kids for their hard work and creativity! Check out these adorable leprechauns!
Students also worked on the Shamrock Sums activity with their table teams . They used a 120's board to check their work on adding ten to a number. Using the boards as a visual really helped them see when adding ten to any number, you'll go down one space on the chart.

I'm so excited to use activities from my Pot O' Gold pack this upcoming week! {and probably continue into next week, too} I'll use the Itty Bitty I Spy sheet at my word work center.
Thanks for stopping by the Crazy Critter Café! Hope you have a great St. Patty's Day!
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