Saturday, March 22, 2014

Go Fish Graphing with Slappy Hands

Happy Spring everybody!
 I'd better enjoy the nice temps this weekend because the forecast is calling for more sleet next week!?!? Maybe it'll bypass us this time. Not sure if I can handle more makeup days. :-)
 With the spring season comes up and down temps and POLLEN...and lots of it here in NC. Forget the car wash, I'm wastin' my time. Aside from the crazy temps and yellow allergy dust, one thing that doesn't slow us down during this time of year is going fishing.
Our class talked about signs of spring and things we like to do during this season. I created this Go Fish graphing activity~actually to use during Read Across America Day / Dr. Seuss' Birthday. But, you know how that goes...a thousand cute activities to fit into one day, then stretched out over one just doesn't all get done! So I thought this little fishing activity would fit in perfectly with our spring activities!
First I found some adorable little fish from The Clip Art Stand {found here}. Since I only created 7 rows for the graph, {DOWNLOAD THE GRAPH HERE} I made sure to count out the fish for each group before they began "fishing" so the numbers would match the graphing questions. I used 4 GREEN, 5 RED, 6 BLUE, and 2 YELLOW.
 I put each set of fish in a bowl {next time I'll be sure to get some fish bowls from the Dollar Tree}.
Kids used slappy hands {found at dollar stores, Oriental Trading Company} to take turns "catching" their fish. As a fish was caught, each student at the table would color a space for that fish. They sorted the "caught" fish by color. This helped them check their graphing data.
As a class, we answered the questions by looking back at our data. I also had the class create some of their own questions based on the graph. I was amazed at some of the questions they came up with!
I have to give Go Fish Graphing with slappy hands a "high five" {literally, haha}. Using slappy hands definitely made this simple graphing activity much more exciting!
I would love to make more graphs like this using different fish designs to place in the math center to reinforce graphing skills. I don't think the kids would get bored with this too fast.
Once we finished this activity I wasn't quite sure what to do with the used slappy hands. Kids kept asking if they could have them. Hmmmm.... 20 kids, 5 slappy hands. That could be a problem. Then I remembered the Class Dojo app has a, what I call, "random picker button".
I used that button to randomly select 5 students. If the chosen student's clip {I use the clip chart to help with behavior management.} was in green {ready to learn}, purple {great job}, or pink {outstanding}, they would be the lucky winners of the slappy hands.
Problem solved.

Good luck using this in your classroom if you decide to do a little "slappy hand" go fishing! I'd love to hear your comments about how you use this!

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