Friday, March 7, 2014

Math Fact Fries and Freebies

Welcome back to the Crazy Critter Café! What a week it's been- just when we thought spring was coming we get another "snow" day {freezing rain, actually}. I'm so ready for some warmer weather!

 And... this cold, rainy weather makes me want to just come home, get on my fuzzy pj pants and socks and relax. So in order to avoid cooking dinner {I really do enjoy cooking} we swing by McD's and grab the boys some happy meals. I knew it was for a reason because I finally found a good use for those adorable, miniature happy meal French fry containers. They look like they should belong in a play food set or something.
But, instead of a play food set, I've created a math center / cooperative group idea: Fact Fries. There are several addition and subtraction facts I printed on yellow paper--the "fries". Click HERE for a copy of the math facts I use. I'd recommend printing these on cardstock for durability. {I'll choose a few facts to begin with for the center then rotate other facts for the next week.} For the True/False labels I just typed it, snipped it, and taped it to the container.

Students look at their fries and decide which container the fact will belong - True or False. I have manipulatives at the center so students can work out their facts and prove their answers as true or false. Once the fries are in the container, students will complete the Fact Fries recording sheet where they'll record their equations. You can also get a copy of this sheet by clicking HERE. A good idea would be to have a sheet for students to check their equations before recording them unless it's an assessment-type activity.

A few other ideas for this center would be to hot glue a few marbles in the bottom of each container. This would help keep them from tipping over so easily. I know that sounds silly, but I tried this with a little tin pencil holder--glued about 5 marbles in the bottom and it's sturdy! Who would've known? Or, glue the container on some sort of "tray" to keep it sturdy. {Otherwise this center will take for-ev-er as the fries keep dumping out and then students have to figure out which container it was in.....etc.....etc... Visualize that one.}

So get hoppin' through the McD's drive-thru and start collecting these cute little containers! I'm sure you'll put them to good use!

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