Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fall Multiplication Practice Freebie Printable

Hello everyone! Fall is in full swing now and I can certainly tell with all of the teaching going on. Shew! I feel like somedays I'm in a whirlwind! 
This year, I noticed that my kids really need to perk up on their multiplication facts. We use the iPad app Speed Drill to practice, and they LOVE it!'s free! I also created a fall multiplication practice pack. This includes a few color by the code sheets. Once students find the product, they color by the code. It's just a fun way to practice multiplication facts without the constant drill, drill, drill. {although we still do those drills} 

I let my students use colored pencils or markers, but making sure they allow me to still see the answer. This is a change in pace from the normal fact sheets. I hope you enjoy!

This is from my Fall Multiplication Pack. You'll find a few more color by the codes and multiplication word problem task cards, too, which I like to use for small group cooperative learning activities or in math centers. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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