Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Happy Thursday Friends!
Still no snow here in Eastern NC :(
 I hope all of you that did get snow are safe and sound.
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Have a super Thursday, and remember, the weekend is almost here!!!

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Hello Café Friends!
If it's going to be cold, I want it to snow! {I know some of you have had enough snow already.} Here in NC you never know when we might see some of the white, fluffy stuff. But, at least we won't have to worry about making up any snow days---yet! :-)
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Hope everyone has a wonderful, week!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Linky Parties Going on Now!

Happy Monday! I hope you're enjoying this long weekend! I'm linking up with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations for Markdown Monday. Stop by their blog and snatch up some great deals before January 23rd.
We have few teacher workdays and I need to get my files organized {the ones that never got put away from the summer} So, I 'm featuring my Binder Covers and Spines on this Monday Markdown linky for 1/2 price.

Another great link-up is with Student Savvy 
Stop by her blog to link up your favorite freebies!
Don't forget to link up with my blog and share any printables and activities that would be great to put in a sub tub. Check out the linky party here:
It's live until January 26th. Then you can still check out tons of great products to add to your emergency sub tub.

Thanks for stopping by the Crazy Critter Café!
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Have a great week!

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Stress-Free Emergency Sub Tubs ~ Activities & Printables Linky

Happy Saturday, Café Friends!
This past week has been crazy with sickness at our school! Stomach bug, flu, congestion, yuck! Poor little kids. Disinfecting wipes and spray have done their job after dismissal each day. Whew! Hopefully it's all sanitized. :-)
This bout of sickness got me thinking... what would I do if I (or either of my 2 kids) woke up sick one day and I just COULDN'T make it to school??? I've had some days like that, but I'd always get lucky and have "easy" plans for that day.
 Or I would be up at the crack of dawn with the flu typing a generic schedule to send via email to my colleague friend and she would fill in the activities and make my copies. {What a lifesaver!!}
I had an emergency last month. I got to school and at 8:15 my secretary calls the room and says there's been an emergency and I need to come to the office right away.
What? I'm looking around to see which of my students are absent--thinking something may have happened to them. The news I received was certainly not an option in my mind at the time.  All I was thinking about that morning was making sure I had my sub plans ready for the next two days so I could get off after lunch that day and go to NYC!  I had the next few days ready, the sub plans were good to go. Everything was neat and organized in its own little jam-packed, colored file folder, bundled with a big rubber band.
So I get to the office and find out my dad was in cardiac arrest {completely unexpected}. My mind is mush and thoughts are racing everywhere. Little did I know, at that moment, that I'd need to be out over the next several days for my dad's funeral and to spend time with my family and regroup. AGAIN, I got lucky to have already planned for my sub since I was going to be out anyway.
Sooo.... I now realize that things happen in life and definitely when you least expect it. I have a sub tub in my classroom--nothing fancy--just a portable box that holds hanging file folders. If I'm ever in a situation again where I need sub plans in a hurry, I have a Sub Tub.
 I plan for the week, but there are times when a sub just may not understand the lessons in my plan book, or for whatever reason, the sub may need to refer to my Sub Tub for backup.
 I have files in the tub for:
 Class Roster-I place an updated class roster in this file folder, noting any medical needs
Daily Schedule - copy of our daily schedule
 Attendance Sheets - Blank sheets printed from our school's data system
Phonics / Reading / ELA- includes packs of already copied activity sheets on skills students always need to practice--blends, long and short vowels, digraphs, reading comprehension passages and questions, etc. I like to place copies of Sentence Solvers because that's a skill students need to practice over and over. As a follow-up students can write their own sentences with the focus skill {located on the magnifying glass}.
Written Comprehension Questions for any story are also great for Sub Tubs. Printed on 1/2 sheets so it cuts down on the copies. The sub can read a story aloud and students can complete 1 or 2 of the written comprehension questions.
Math-  includes math activity pages already copied--addition, subtraction, story problems, etc.
Science- copied sheets for science-related topics, cut & paste, writing topics relate to science
Social Studies- character education printables, bucket-filling activities {we always need to review that one :-) }
 Writing -I have a list of various writing topics from Narrative, Informative, and Opinion in this folder. I also include some creative and descriptive topics. I have copies of thematic writing paper to allow students to create their own writing topic related to the paper's theme.
Classroom Management- in this file, a copy of our classroom expectations can be found. I also do a quick run-down of how I use our clip chart. This file also has information as to where Emergency Forms can be found, and numbers of colleagues to call if there are any questions.
I don't have a lengthy file of directions for a sub. I'm thinking of a Sub Tub for short-term, emergency situations. This box should be a go-to place for quick, ready-made activities or lessons should the need arise.
I'd love for you to link up below and share up to 3 activities / lessons designed for the K-2 classroom that you think would be great for short-term, emergency absences. It's better to have too many resources for the sub to choose from than not enough. :-) Let's help teachers {and subs} everywhere! Thanks for linking up!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Addition Pizzas Craftivity Make Math Fun!

Hello Again Café Friends!!! {I think I've already started Winter hibernation.}
Welcome to 2015!
Christmas is over, the decorations are down, and I'm trying to trash as many leftover sweets as possible. {TRYING is the key word here} Ugh! Sugar is my weakness.
To help keep my mind off the white chocolate & peppermint covered pretzels and key lime fudge I wanted to share a fun and simple activity I created recently to help students better understand the concept of adding two numbers. We made Addition Pizzas!
Before starting this activity I cut out some rough triangles to form the pizza crust. Small strips of white paper were the cheese and red circles were pepperoni.
I had each student choose no more than 10 pieces each of the cheese and pepperoni. They "made" their pizzas by gluing their toppings on the crust however they wanted.
Once their pizza slice was "made" they were given a blank notecard. {A great Dollar Tree find--I use blank notecards all the time for students to jot down quick responses and sentences.}
On the board I wrote: I have ___ pepperoni and ___ cheese. Students copied this and filled in the blanks using information from their pizza slice. From that information, they were asked to use the blank notecard to write an addition equation for their pizza.
Students enjoyed this simple, fun craftivity to reinforce addition concepts we've been learning. They'd compare how many pieces of cheese and pepperoni with other pizza slices at their table, which led to a lot of purposeful math talk.  :-)
Throughout our lessons on addition, students completed math vocabulary journal pages related to addition concepts we were learning. These are on 1/2 pages, so it helps cut down on paper. I would copy and assemble the pages into a mini journal booklet. I chose math vocabulary words from this math pack that aligned with our learning.
This was also a great way for me to differentiate for students. To enrich, I would give students some additional word pages and allow them to use the dictionary to search for the meaning and compare that to their description.
To remediate, I would allow students to tell me what they knew about the vocabulary word as I modeled the vocabulary word with manipulatives.
These would be perfect to use in guided math groups as you meet with students to talk about these math concepts. It was also a great way for me to informally assess.
This is from my Math Vocabulary Journals Pack.
I hope you can use some of these math ideas with your students!
Happy New Year to all and best wishes for a productive year in 2015!!

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