Monday, October 6, 2014

Sentence Building with Short Vowel Words

Happy Fall Y'all!!
It's pumpkin spice and Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights time! {Those little cakes are my weakness.}
School is in full-swing now.
 Assess, assess, assess.
Teach and progress monitor.
Assess some more.
Conference some more.
Anybody with me?
To help with some informal assessment I recently introduced my students to sentence building with short vowels using Sentence Solvers. This interactive activity allows students to read words related to the short vowel phonics skill, cut and unscramble the sentence {I remind my students that their sentences must make sense - just like when they're writing.}
Students, then, are asked to check their own work for neatness, spacing, capital letters, punctuation, and word reading fluency {if they could read the sentence fluently without needing to sound out words}.
Another alternative I've used is to pair students at tables to help check those skills. They love being the "teacher". They're to check their partner's skills and "teach" them if an area is unable to be checked at the bottom of the sheet.
 I love to walk around and hear them sharing ideas and helping one another! It certainly creates a positive atmosphere.
I've used Sentence Solvers for morning work, in literacy centers, and to review short vowels we've learned so far {especially helpful for students who are struggling with phonics skills}.

To check out Sentence Solvers ~ Short Vowels, click HERE:

You can also check out the Sentence Solvers Digraphs by clicking HERE:
View Sentence Solvers Bossy e {CVCe} HERE:
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 If you use Sentence Solvers in your class I'd love to hear how you use them!

Now it's time for a Mocha K-Cup and a warm, fuzzy blanket!

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